Shareholder and investor relations

Shareholder return

With regard to return of profit to shareholders, we will strive to meet the expectations of shareholders while comprehensively considering our performance, the dividend payout ratio, and other factors, with maintenance of long-term stable dividends as our basic principle. Regarding retained earnings, they will be used for investments aimed at enhancing and reinforcing our business structure and developing future businesses to ensure that we can offer benefits to shareholders in future years.

Annual dividend per share

Interim dividend Year-end dividend
Year ending March 2020 12 yen 13 yen
Year ending March 2019 12 yen 13 yen
Year ending March 2018 8 yen 10 yen
Year ending March 2017 6 yen 8 yen
Year ending March 2016 5 yen 5 yen

Timely and appropriate disclosure

For the purpose of disclosing information about Daiki Aluminium to shareholders and investors, we have established a Disclosure Committee and are working to strengthen our internal management systems related to information disclosure.

  • General meeting (in June)
  • Financial results press releases (May and November)