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Eco-friendly aluminium alloy that can be cast even at a low temperature


This alloy has higher fluidity than ADC12. (Graph 1)

Graph 1. Comparison of flow length between ECA2 and ADC12 (MIT fluidity test)


It has a low liquidus temperature (561°C) and can be cast at a low temperature. (Graph 2)

It has a proven track record with respect to die casting at a casting temperature of 600°C.

Graph 2. Comparison of liquidus temperatures


It has excellent wear resistance. (Graph 3)

Graph 3. Comparison of wear resistance


It can be cast at low temperatures to extend the lifespans of dies.

It can be filled at low speeds, and a T6 treatment can be applied by low-speed (laminar flow) filling.


Low casting temperatures also reduce the use of mold release agents.

Regarding test molds, this alloy has a track record with respect to casting without the use of mold release agents.


It has a higher proof stress than ADC12. (Table 3)

Table 3. Comparison of mechanical properties between ECA2, ADC12, and ADC14

Alloy name Casting temperature (°C) Injection speed (m/s) Heat treatment Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation (%) 0.2% proof stress (MPa) Brinell hardness (HBW)
ECA2 600 2 None (F material) 346 1.3 234 128
680 0.2 500°C x 3 hr water quenching
180°C x 3 hr air cooling (T6)
423 0.7 422 169
ADC12 680 2 None (F material) 354 3.4 184 102
ADC14 750 2 None (F material) 293 0.5 260 110


Main alloy components (wt. %)

Cu Si
7.5 10.5

ECA2 has been patented.


Please note that the figures described in the above technical data are based on our measurements and are not guaranteed.

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