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Widely used for structural parts in Europe, this alloy has high ductility and high corrosion resistance.


In terms of composition, it is an Al-Si-Mg-Mn alloy.


Physical properties

Table 2-1. Physical properties

Liquidus temperature
Solidus temperature
Thermal expansion coefficient
Specific heat
Thermal conductivity*
DIK365 602 573 876 128
ADC12 2.68 582 515 21.0 911 125

*Thermal conductivity was measured with test pieces cut from a flat die casting sample (50 x 100 x 5 mm).

Table 2-2. Mechanical properties
(a) Hardness properties

Heat treatment conditions Brinell hardness
Rockwell hardness
Micro Vickers hardness
HV 0.5
F 69 32.4 79


73 41.8 87

・Sample: flat die casting sample

(b) Tensile properties

Element (wt. %)

Heat treatment

Tensile strength
Elongation (%) 0.2% proof stress (MPa)
Cu Si Mg Zn Fe Mn Sr
0.01 10.03 0.43 0.01 0.12 0.56 0.0168 F 323 8.8 159
T5 361 6.1 258
T6 317 6.5 265

・Test pieces: ASTM tensile strength test pieces
・F: as cast

T5: 180℃×3h
T6: 510℃×3h→180℃×3h 


Other features: Corrosion resistance

Table 3. Corrosion resistance test samples: component values

Sample name Element (wt. %)
Cu Si Mg Zn Fe Mn Sr
ADC12 1.73 10.17 0.24 0.64 0.86 0.18
DIK365 0.01 10.03 0.43 0.01 0.12 0.56 0.0168

Figure 3. Corrosion weight loss in a salt spray test

*Flat die casting sample (50 x 100 x 5 mm)

*Test period: 720 hr (n=3)

  • Melting temperature: A temperature from 680 to 700°C is recommended, although it also depends on the casting design.
  • Flux: Flux for ADC12 is acceptable.
  • About the use of return materials

(1) When priority is given to mechanical properties
Return materials cannot be used because attenuation of Mg and Sr causes the mechanical properties to change. However, they can be used if an analysis of Mg and Sr indicates that the addition of return materials is possible.


(2) When priority is given to corrosion resistance
Return materials can be used. Use of return materials does cause attenuation of Mg and Sr, but it does not affect the corrosion resistance.


Please note that the figures described in the above technical data are based on our measurements and are not guaranteed.

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