JIS products (for high pressure die casting)

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Aluminium alloys for high pressure die casting
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Various on-vehicle parts
  • Precision equipment

List of products

Al-Si alloys

  • AD1.1


Al-Si alloys have excellent castability and corrosion resistance, but their proof stress is low.

Applicable components

Automobile main frames, front panels, roof tiles, etc.

Al-Si-Mg alloys

  • AD3.1


Al-Si-Mg alloys are excellent in terms of impact resistance value, proof stress, and corrosion resistance.

Applicable components

Automobile hubcaps, motorcycle crankcases, etc.

Al-Mg alloys

  • AD5.1
  • AD6.1


Al-Mg alloys are excellent in terms of corrosion resistance, elongation, and impact resistance value, but their castability is poor.

Applicable components

Motorcycle handle levers, shipbuilding parts, etc.

Al-Si-Cu alloys

  • AD10.1
  • AD12.1


Al-Si-Cu alloys are the most common high pressure die casting alloys and have good mechanical properties, machinability, and castability. With a use rate of at least 95%, these alloys are used in almost all aluminium components.

Applicable components

Automobile parts, home electric appliance parts, etc.

Hi-Si alloys

  • AD14.1


Hi-Si alloys are excellent in terms of wear resistance and proof stress, but their elongation and castability are poor.

Applicable components

Engines, transmissions, pump-related parts, etc.

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