Company information

Message from the president

About 100 years ago, our company was founded in 1922 by our first president, Shigeichi Yamamoto, who came to Osaka from Kishu (currently Wakayama Prefecture). Since then, aluminium recycling has been our core business. After World War II, the company was reorganized in 1948 into its current form, Daiki Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd., and it has consistently operated in the “venous industry” since then.


Aluminium is employed as a key material in the Japanese car industry due to the properties of its alloys and its advantage of being lightweight, and the market for it has grown successfully along with the growth of the car industry.


While we have experienced low growth since the 1990s due to the impact of the troubled Japanese economy after the bubble economy burst, we have made series of expansions into emerging markets, including ASEAN countries and China, and have facilities in 11 countries at present, including an Indian plant (DAH), which was completed in 2020.


Although the recycling industry was originally highly regional, our current business is based on a global network that collects scrap from urban mines in developed countries and processes them in optimal consumption areas. While China now has a number of aluminium alloy groups that are similar in scale to the DIK Group due to expansion of the Chinese economy (car production), we are proud that this kind of global expansion is a characteristic of our company.


Many parts of this renewed website mention our efforts related to SDGs. Since we set G&G (Global & Green) as the strategic keywords that describes our goal in the mid-1990s, green has been positioned as the keyword representing a major target of our Group. An important issue in the recycling industry is how problems arising from scrap can be controlled and reduced to protect the environment. We think that we can be part of the trend towards a carbon-neutral society by introducing the latest technologies and equipment in combination with our risk management skills based on our long experience and know-how.


In the last few years, there have been a series of dynamic economic and social changes, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and such trends are likely to further accelerate. The DIK Group will continue to engage flexibly and boldly in new business environments and actively expand them.


We are grateful for your continued support and understanding.





Takaaki Yamamoto