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Message from the president

My name is Shigenori Hayashi, and in June 2023, I became president of Daiki Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1922, Daiki Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. is a corporate group with more than 100 years of history. As our core business, we focus on the production of aluminium alloys that take maximum advantage of aluminiun as a material with excellent recyclability, which is one of the metal properties of aluminium. At 28 bases in 11 countries around the world, we are developing businesses that cover the flow of aluminium recycling, from upstream (scrap collection) to midstream (aluminium alloy production) and downstream (aluminium die casting).


The Daiki Aluminium Group has examined the external environmental changes expected in 2030 and accompanying impacts on business, identified important issues that should be prioritized for further development and leaps forward in April 2021, and incorporated them into VISION2030 DAIKI∞NEXT∞. Setting five pillars as basic strategies, with strengthening of the management base as pillar I, taking on the challenge of creating an advanced recycling-oriented society as pillar II, conservation of the global environment as pillar III, contribution to local communities and society and their development as pillar IV, and development and effective use of human resources as pillar V, we have formulated roadmaps for each and have been developing our first to third Medium-term Management Plans.


This fiscal year is the final fiscal year of our first Medium-term Management Plan (FY2021-23): All Daiki Sustainability Vision – 100 Years of Business and Beyond -. While the external environment surrounding us is becoming increasingly uncertain, with not only the rapid development of CASE (connected cars, autonomous/automated driving, shared, and electric) but also the responses to climate change and geopolitical risks, we will review the progress of specific measures taken for each target and verify changes in the external environment, and we will reflect them in our second Medium-term Management Plan (FY2024-26).


Aluminium is an essential material in the trend toward decarbonization for the realization of a carbon-neutral society. The Daiki Aluminum Group will continue to tackle the challenges of all possibilities for aluminum recycling and promote the creation of a recycling-oriented society and thereby contribute to the development of a sustainable society. We are grateful for your continued support.




Shigenori Hayash

Shigenori Hayashi