Environmental management system (EMS)

Environmental management structure

Each of our plants has established an environmental management structure as illustrated in the diagram below. Fiscal 2019 was the third year after we transitioned to the new ISO 14001 standard, and it was a year in which we deepened our understanding of its requirements and moved forward with new activities. Each plant of Daiki Aluminium has obtained the certification and holds an ISO (EMS) Committee meeting every month to check on its progress in the management plan and discuss the need for new initiatives and other issues. In addition to external audits by a certification body, the plants implement internal audits of each other every year to identify problems and adopt good practices of other plants with the aim of creating an upward spiral in the environmental management structure of the entire Daiki Group.
We will implement activities for a further upward spiral again this fiscal year.
*EMS: environmental management system


Policy on the acquisition of the basic ISO certification

Year Business establishment Acquisition of certification
1999 Shirakawa Plant Acquired ISO 14001 certificationfirst in the industry
Shinshiro Plant Acquired ISO 14001 certificationsecond in the industry
Kameyama Plant Acquired ISO 14001 certificationthird in the industry
Yuki Plant Acquired ISO 14001 certificationfourth in the industry
2002 DNT (current DAT) Acquired ISO 14001 certification
2005 Kyushu Daiki Aluminium Co., Ltd. Acquired ISO 14001 certification
Hokkaido Daiki Aluminium Co., Ltd. Acquired ISO 14001 certification

Activities for ISO 14001: Shiga Plant

Shiga Plant acquired ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems, in March 2009 and has promoted continuous improvement of resource and energy conservation and other efforts for conservation of the global environment since then. In recognition of its efforts over many years, the plant received a management system continuous registration award from JSA Solutions Co., Ltd., a registration body, in May 2019.