Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

Contribution to global environmental conservation, resource, and energy conservation through recycling

Through our aluminium recycling and smelting business activities and provision of valuable products, we will contribute to the development of society and promote continuous improvement for the global environmental conservation.

Basic policies

  1. To promote global environmental conservation activities, we will establish and operate an organization that can act on a company-wide basis.
  2. We will accurately identify the environmental impacts of corporate activities, set environmental targets and action targets to the extent technologically and economically possible, and seek continuous improvement for the global environmental conservation.
  3. In addition to compliance with environmental laws, regulations, accords, etc., we will establish our own standards and continuously work to achieve even higher targets.
  4. In all business areas of the company, we will promote reduction of the use of hazardous materials, resource saving, energy saving, and the reduction and recycling of waste.
  5. We will provide environmental education to all employees and raise their environmental awareness to enhance their understanding of the environment and encourage them to actively participate in environmental activities.
  6. We will conduct environmental audits to check our activities and work to maintain and improve our level of environmental management.
  7. We will inform all employees of the progress of implementation of our environmental conservation activities and also publicly disclose it as required.